Uterotubal Function the Key to Infertility in Endometriosis

Women suffering from infertility in association with mostly mild endometriosis were subjected to vaginal sonography of uterine peristalsis during the menstrual period, the early, mid- and late follicular phases, and the mid-luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. The data obtained were compared with those of healthy controls. Women with endometriosis displayed a marked uterine hyperperistalsis that differed significantly from the peristalsis of the women without endometriosis (controls) during the early and mid- follicular and mid-luteal phases. During the late follicular phase of the cycle, uterine peristalsis in women with endometriosis became dysperistaltic, arrhythmic and convulsive in character, while in controls, peristalsis continued to show long and regular cervico-fundal contractions.1

This data would suggest that IUI would probably not be successful in women with even mild endometriosis and that IVF would be the best option.

1. Leyendecker G., Kunk G., Wildt D., Deininger H. Uterine Hyperperistalsis and Dysperistalsis as Dysfunctions of the Mechanism of Rapid Sperm Transport in Patients with Endometriosis and Infertility. Hum Reprod. 1996 Jul;11(7):1542-51

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